I'm Paddy Pike. I design furniture.

Fertigstellung am 08.03.2016, Produktgestaltung
von Paddy Pike

Hi, my name is Paddy Pike and I'm currently based in London and Edinburgh, studying Engineering. I spend my vacations helping out in Product Designers' studios.

My specialty is probably in furniture design, although I love to tackle anything that I can. My ambition is to have my own product design studio. I define my style as minimalist with considered use of colour and materials. These are two of my furniture designs:

Chair Table Design
The main concern when designing The Chair Table was that of space. My client needed both items of furniture but had a maximum of 1m x 1.5m in their living room. Saving space while keeping the quality of the piece high is difficult. The Chair Table eliminated the need for both items of furniture. The rocking chair with footrest is extremely comfortable as it has 5 layers of foam and fabric on top of the flex-ply framework. It also has plenty of storage space to minimize clutter.

Flair Design

This comfy bowl shaped chair has a plastic frame and hundreds of fur pom poms which dangle to nearly ground level. They block the view of the base, giving the illusion that the chair is floating just above the ground. The name comes from a mix of floating and chair, hence The Flair.

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